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You can download the latest release (currently 0.9.4) from our SourceForge project page. The driver is included in your 2.6.x kernel. Therefore, if you're running a 2.6.x kernel, do not download this driver. Instead, use the driver provided with your kernel. Run "/sbin/modprobe zr36067" to load it.


The following packages/versions are require or advised to compile and use the driver:

Compilation, Installation & Usage

You can compile and install the driver as follows:

tar -zxf driver-zoran-$(VERSION).tar.gz
cd driver-zoran-$(VERSION)
make install
modprobe zoran card=X

X is the number of your card. See the list of supported cards to find the number that belongs to your card. Note that in 2.6.x kernels, the module is called zr36067.ko, and not zoran.ko.


Version 0.9.3 -> 0.9.4
* Add YUY2 overlay (fullscreen/hardware-scaled)
* use __stringify() for array insmod options
* fix stupid flaw in open() logic (could result in oops)
* fix 2.5.x build
* remove lots of 'dead' includes from zoran_driver.c
* remove DataErr from the zr36060 IRQ Mask, this autoresets the chip when
    it loses sync, which means we don't get a timeout. Much better than
    all the manual restart handling (which only worked partly).
* introduce workaround for kfree-in-munmap-handler oops
* implement support for bitmaps rather than clips for overlay
* use try_module_get()/module_put() instead of MOD_INC/DEC_USE_COUNT
    in 2.5.x... Also implement i2c_driver->owner for all i2c clients

Version 0.9.2 -> 0.9.3
* Fix missing check for channel < 0 in VIDIOCGCHAN (results in oops)

Version 0.9.1 -> 0.9.2
* change default debug level 0 -> 1 ('display errors')
* add autodetect norm support to bt819
* fix all sort of lml33 problems
* changed zr->card into a non-pointer so its changeable per card entry
* add SECAM support to vpx3220
* add encoder=X/decoder=X insmod options to zoran.o (for varying cards
    such as the DC10old (mse3000/adv7175) and the DC30/DC30+ (vpx32xx))
* add "make release" feature to Makefile
* re-add some line that mysteriously got lost during VIDIOCGMBUF (fixes
    SIGFPE in xawtv)
* fix oops where semaphore wasn't down()'ed on v4l_fbuffer_free() -> double
    kfree() -> oops (please, use >= 2.4.20 only!)
* added linux/init.h everywhere for __devinit

Version 0.9.0 -> 0.9.1
* Started ChangeLog
* Fixed VIDIOCGCHAN bug: it always returned the first input
* Fixed svideo channel bug in zoran.c
* Renamed SVHS to S-Video
* change initialization order for JPEG capture (DC10old/DC30)
* Add some raw I2C commands to I2C clients for more efficient block writes
* Fix up coding style in zoran.c
* standardize all dmesg output by our driver
* added a FAQ (to replace the current kernel documentation)
* added semaphores
* use pci_pci_problems instead of detecting PCI chipsets ourselves, and
    remove triton/natoma insmod options
* add a PCI device template, in preparation for moveover to new PCI subsystem
* add video_nr insmod option
* use get_zeroed_page() instead of get_free_page()
* proper use of __init/__exit and related macros
* proper use of module_init()/module_exit() for module initialization
* removed XAWTV_HACK code (obsolete/unused)
* removed videobus_enable() code (obsolete/unused)
* use struct bla bla = { .item = value, }; for struct initialization instead
    of struct bla bla = { item: value, };
* added saa7174/adv7170 modules for LML33R10
* added cropping/streamparm ioctl()s to zoran (v4l2)
* changes card structs into something else
* separated zoran.c/zoran_procfs.c into zoran_{procfs,driver,device,card}.c
* s/DEBUGX/dprintk(x,/
* added debug options to all i2c clients
* identd'ed all files to kernel style (linux/Documentation/CodingStyle)
* added a fix to not list SECAM or AUTO norms if not supported
* added card= option (which autoloads all modules)
* many random fixes that don't matter at all

Last modified: October 13, 2004 - 06:49:39
© Ronald Bultje, 2003 - under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License